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About Us

About Us

Heng Lee Sauce Sdn Bhd was established in the year 1971 and is located strategically in the heart of the city of Penang Island.

Heng Lee Sauce was founded by Mr Boey Lee Weng at his early age of 21. He paddles around with his bicycle to sell the soy sauce; the householders at the surrounding will be bringing their own glass bottles to fill the soy sauce. With the efforts and hard work of both the husband and wife, working day and night, the business grows…..

The popularity & demand increases lead to the formulation of others sauces and the “Rose Brand” was born.
We adhered to the traditional natural fermentation brewed using the finest natural ingredients as we believe that only the “traditional methods” can produce the “traditional products”.

With our insistence in product quality, we will be very careful in the selection of beans process, only the best quality will be selected and by using a higher proportion of soybeans in the brewing process, we managed to get a fragrant soy aroma which having the best taste and smell.

Besides, we do employ a strict compliance in every single stage of manufacturing process to ensure the best product quality and hygienic manufacturing conditions achieved. With our commitment throughout, we acknowledged with certificates, e.g. Halal certificate and MESTI from Malaysia’s governing bodies. We obtained our halal-certified since 2001 by authorized Islamic authorities and also tested and approved by the Ministry of Health.
The “Rose Brand” had become a symbolic of trusted quality of soy sauce throughout the island to the whole Malaysia, and the business then expanded to the neighbouring country namely Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia; and we are keeping on the expansion.

In order to fulfil the needs of cooking, we are providing the most demanded sauces and condiments to kitchens & homes. We are having around 50 types of sauces to suit their different needs.